Quality translations from authorized translators

Poul Hansen, Ph.D., State Authorized Translator
Target language: Danish
Source languages: Swedish, Norwegian, English
Subjects: Denmark/Sweden, Technology, Medicine, Webb Site information, Tourist information etc.

Kerstin Hansen, M.A., State Authorized Translator
Target language: Swedish
Source languages: Danish, Norwegian, English
Denmark/Sweden, Tourist information,  Webb site information, Education etc.



Well established translators
We have worked as translators for a number of years and today supply translations to local and national authorities, to private companies as well as to a number of translation agencies in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Great Britain and the USA. Our contact network enables us to work together with many skilful translators throughout Scandinavia.

Unique combination
Poul Hansen is one of the two authorized Swedish to Danish translators in Sweden. Kerstin Hansen is one of five authorized Danish to Swedish translators in Sweden. These are qualifications which make us especially competitive as regards Swedish and Danish.

Please contact us for further information.

Adress: Öresunds Översättningsbyrå
  Box 4158
  227 22 Lund
Phone: +46 46 15 86 00
Fax: +46 46 30 76 00
E-mail: info@oresunds.dk

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